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The End Of John McCain

Posted by nytexan on April 19, 2007

We can only hope that McCain’s recent joke gone wrong will be the end of him.  John McCain singing Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran in response to an audience member’s question is very telling about the kind of president he would be. When Dean made his outrageous yell the Republicans were all over him as being out of control, a loose cannon. Well here is the best the GOP has to offer.  The Hill has the complete video.

Maybe McCain should try out for American Idiot. Sorry American Idol. 

How long can McCain go on with pretending that he even has a shot at being president? Haven’t we had enough of one buffoon to last us a lifetime? 


6 Responses to “The End Of John McCain”

  1. Makes you wonder what the heck happened to the McCain who was so compelling in the 2000 primary race he lost to Bush. Clearly he has not aged well, and he is so far out of touch that it’s scary. I don’t think he has any chance at the nomination now, when just a few months ago I had him pegged as a potential front runner.

  2. madmouser said

    I didn’t like him in 2000 and 2004 and I haven’t changed my mind now.

  3. John McCain’s presidential campaign said on the record that he DOES NOT support the current Hate Crimes bill in front of the Congress.

    The bill adds “sexual orientation” to the list of groups that would be included under Federal prosecution of hate crimes.

    42 US senators, including 3 Republicans (believe it or not) have co-sponsered the legislation. But not John McCave.

    He’s a despicable excuse for a senator and a human being.

  4. nytexan said

    I think what happen to McCain since 2000, is he has turned into Bush’s “mini me” and has completely lost touch with reality and humanity.

  5. nytexan said

    I’m with you. Here’s a little in site from Texas, in the 2000 primaries many many Texas where for McCain and not for Bush. It’s interesting that he was strong armed by Bush/Rove to withdraw after Super Tuesday and before the Texas primaries. With that said I think had McCain won we would still be in the disgraceful state we are in now.

  6. nytexan said


    Why does that not surprise me about McCain not supporting a hate crime bill with “sexual orientation”? What does perplex me about McCain is all of the torture that he went through as a POW, you would think he would be more compassionate towards others. Has his past resulted in McCain in hate and getting back at the world?

    With that said you have to wonder why many are so vocal and non supportive of gay rights. Do they have something the need to tell us like Ted Hagarrad?

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