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Poor Showing For Gonzales

Posted by nytexan on April 19, 2007

With most of the Committee suggesting to Gonzales to resign, Alberto Gonzales seemed to be bewildered at their and our disgust with him.  Well, all but Orrin Hatch the self appointment cheerleader for Gonzales.

Alberto Gonzales just can’t seem to save his job.  But that has to be expected when you sit in front of the Judiciary Committee and all you can say is “I don’t know…”, “I wasn’t aware of….”, and “the American people have to understand….”. These answers and bumbling through the few answers he did give didn’t seem to be the best way for him to save his job or restore his credibility.

Gonzales doesn’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation.  Nor does he seem to understand the full scope of his duties.  Several on the committee asked about Kyle Sampson’s testimony regarding who put names on the list and how did names qualified for the hit list; Gonzales didn’t have knowledge of how the names got on the list. 

Gonzales didn’t recognize or seemed to be aware of any morale problems in the DoJ.  He doesn’t recognize his poor performance. He doesn’t believe that he has not been forthcoming and honest. This guy lives in denial.  Tom Coburn stated that “the best way to put this to bed is for you to resign”, Gonzales stated that his resignation would not put this to bed.

Gonzales is a disgrace to his office and the Department of Justice. He needs to resign.  


2 Responses to “Poor Showing For Gonzales”

  1. OpEdna said

    I agree. There’s nothing more insulting than hearing him express how confident he is that he can still be effective at his job. Was he ever effective at his job?

  2. nytexan said

    No he has never been effective in D.C. But then Alberto was not very effective in his Texas positions either.

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