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Bomb Blast In Baghdad

Posted by nytexan on April 18, 2007

Today there were 4 bomb blasts in Baghdad killing 160 people and over 100 wounded. The bombs were in the Sadriyah market, around the green zone. Where as you remember McCain (Bush’s mini me), was so comfortable in telling us “it was very safe”. 

Bush is so worried about his legacy, and McCain wants to be President, that they really seem blinded by their personal gain. It appears that neither can clearly see what the Iraqi people and the American troops have to suffer through everyday.  Oh they both say they support the troops and that they are caring men, but at whose expense? Bush’s “surge” has done nothing to quell the violence.  McCain’s constant support of Bush and the war is making him more irrelevant everyday.

Bush plans to veto Congresses bill on Iraq. That’s progress. Bush is so wiling to say that Congress is sending the wrong message. Congress is not supporting the troops. Congress will have the terrorist follow us home if there are timelines for withdrawal. Everything that is wrong with this war is everyone’s fault but Bush.

Both men are so focused on winning at all cost. However, we lost this war in the very beginning. We put ourselves in the middle of a culture we know nothing about.  And now we haven’t a clue how to close Pandora’s Box. Bravo Bush and McCain.


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