Taking Texas And The Nation Back

Will the Texas Democratic Party Support Reichstadt

Posted by nytexan on April 16, 2007

John Cornyn has his first Democratic challenger,  Emil Reichstadt, a Dallas attorney. Reichstadt I’m sure is the firs of many who will put their hat in the ring against Cornyn. But will Texas really know who is running against Cornyn?

The Texas Democratic Party (TDP) never supported or mentioned Barbara Ann Radnofsky when she ran against Kay Bailey Hutchinson in ’06. So I guess it really doesn’t surprise me that when you go to the TDP website   you see nothing about Reichstadt or any other possible candidate for 2008. You don’t even see and of the articles about his announcement link to their page.  Most if not all of their current entries are about national GOP candidates and their trip to the 2008 convention.

Cornyn will have a fairly large war chest and he probable won’t have to send a dime. The Texas GOP can bank on the lazy attitude of the Texas Democratic Party.  This new group at the TDP isn’t any better them the last. You really have to wonder what the TDP does for Texas Democrats.


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