Taking Texas And The Nation Back

Life Just Keeps Getting Better

Posted by nytexan on April 16, 2007

It seems that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice could face a subpoena. The Raw Story is reporting that Ms. Rice will be subpoenaed to testify if The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform does not receive the documents they requested before their Wednesday meeting. They would like Rice to testify on Bush’s claim that Iraq attempted to procure uranium from Niger and other subjects.

Will the lying and the Texas Two Step ever stop with this administration? Personally, I hope they don’t comply by Wednesday so Rice is subpoenaed. You have to wonder why and how long Rice will participate in Bush lies.



5 Responses to “Life Just Keeps Getting Better”

  1. kayinmaine said

    Like the others, I would love to see Rice dragged down the stairs by her ankles so her head smashes against each step. Hey, I’m being nice here. 🙂

    Arrest them all!

  2. nytexan said

    Lol. Dragging her by the ankles might be fun for her. We can only hope it happens.

  3. Librocrat said

    I think Condi left any chance of her being considered non-partisan or intelligent once she decided to stand beside him during the last 4 years of the Iraq.

    You know, her JOB is diplomacy – and yet she blatantly supports a “president” whose idea of diplomacy is bombing other countries. Not to bright.

  4. section9 said

    Silly Moonbats. Waxman is walking into a trap. Rice has been baiting him for a month on him, wounding his pride, ignoring his bullying. Do you people actually believe that Rice is scared of this ambulance chaser?

    “No one ignores Henry Waxman!” Rice always understood that Waxman wanted to subpoena her for his series of show trials. It’s what he does.

    So, why not piss him off and put him in a situation where he treats her like a tobacco executive? Waxman is from Central Casting: the perfect foil for her.

    This will be fun to watch, but not in the way you folks suspect. Rice can easily handle Waxman, who is seen as a partisan villian by Republicans. This sets her up for her “Ollie North” moment. Republican polling has consistently shown disappointment with an Administration’s inability to fight back against the Democrats and the deep dismay with a White House that keeps walking around with a “Kick Me” sign on it. They want to rally to the President, but it’s been one bit of accomodationism with the Dems after another. Only now is the WH showing some spine, over the war.

    There is a reason that Rice is ignoring Waxman. Waxman is being set up.

  5. nytexan said


    I’m not sure how you figure that Waxman is walking into a trap. If anyone has walked into a trap, it’s Americans, for voting this vile administration into office. I never said Rice is “scared” or “not scared” but if that’s what Republicans believe than good. If you have nothing to hide or lie about, then stalling and dodging should not be part of your duties or personality. It’s interesting that you feel Rice “can easily handle Waxman”, getting to the truth that this administration and many Republican think is beneath them, should not be viewed as a pay per view WWF match.

    It’s interesting to me that Republicans still don’t get what went on in the last election.

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