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Rove And Those E-Lies

Posted by nytexan on April 13, 2007

Whether Rove knew, or didn’t know, that the RNC was deleting or archiving his e-mail is not really the point.  The point is, why are there any White House e-mails being saved, archived or deleted on an outside server at all?  The RNC is not the Archivist for the United States. Were there any document attachments?

Any boss would be pretty pissed if we chose to bring laptops to work and save company information to an outside server or use a yahoo account to do company business.  E-mail and internet technology did not come into existence during this administration.  They can’t say “well the e-mails got deleted because there are bugs in the system to work out and we’re all new at this process”.  Duh(ba-ya)!

This is not the first time Rove has been questioned about e-mails. In 2005, Prosecutor Fitzgerald inquired and received Rove’s e-mails in the Plame case. But, did he receive everything?  U. S. Attorneys were fired in 2006, and by that time Rove was well aware of how the e-mail server system worked.  Now, in 2007, Rove states that he didn’t know that deleting e-mails from his RNC inbox also deleted them from the RNC’s server. I don’t buy that, Rove is the wizard of deception.  And if that is his defense, it’s pretty poor, since the law doesn’t recognize ignorance and stupidity as a defense.

The e-mails have come about because U.S. Attorneys were fired, and we are continually reminded that they “serve at the Presidents pleasure”. Therefore, these e-mails fall under the Federal Records Act, since they involved the President and his staff.  

 The Federal Records Act requires that the “documentary materials, or any reasonably segregable portion thereof, created or received by the President, his immediate staff, or a unit or individual of the Executive Office of the President whose function is to advise and assist the President, in the course of conducting activities which relate to or have an effect upon the carrying out of the constitutional, statutory, or other official or ceremonial duties of the President.”

Rove has gotten away with so much that he must be held accountable this time. No more meetings with selected members of Congress behind closed doors.  Everything must be public, under oath, and with transcripts. The crap that goes on in this administration has got to come to a screeching halt.  



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