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Al Qaeda Attacks Iraqi Parliament

Posted by nytexan on April 12, 2007

While Bush is busy looking for a war czar to do his job, the safety of the green zone is not so safe. With 8 killed and 20 wounded in an attack on the Iraq Parliament today Bush can’t stand behind his lies of Baghdad is making progress.

Supposedly the suicide bomber entered the building because the security scanner at the entrance was broken.  Why are the security scanners broken? We have sent money hand over fist to Iraq only to see it disappear into contractor bank accounts.   How can we expect the Iraqis’ to be responsible and accountable when this administration doesn’t participate in either?

Al Qaeda has taken responsibility for the attack, an organization that didn’t even exist in Iraq until we went there. Bush has stated that “the bomb reminds us that there is an enemy. It’s the type of person that will walk into the building and kill people, is the same type of person that will come and kill innocent Americans.”  Bush lies about the safety of the green zone, the progress (or lack thereof) in Iraq, really gives me a zero comfort zone in the competence of our Homeland Security Department should we be attacked again. 

In the coming days, Bush will probable throw some suspicion on Iran and Syria for aiding the violence. Maybe there is truth in that but I can not believe or put any credibility in anything Bush says.

Bush’s mini me John McCain, espousing not very long ago about being able to walk around safely. The lies of the delusional politicians continue. 

Let’s point to a few green zone attacks that seem to have fallen below McCain and Bush’s radar:

CNN reports… Security inside the Green Zone has been compromised in recent weeks, prompting the U.S. Defense Department to recently require all personnel to wear body armor and helmets when outside buildings in the Green Zone, a source there said.

On March 22, two mortar rounds struck inside the Green Zone during a live news conference, causing visiting U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to duck in surprise.

On March 27, a U.S. soldier and American contractor were killed and five people were wounded when a rocket landed in the Green Zone.

Two unexploded suicide vests were found inside the Green Zone on March 31.

Now wasn’t this around the time McCain was in Iraq? Just what we need another Republican disconnected with reality running for President.  

The truth of the matter is Bush’s incompetence on every level of the Iraq war has been a failure.  After 4 years the Iraqi people and their government should be further along then they are.  But again this administration doesn’t believe that they are accountable to anyone for anything. Bush will surely figure out some way of blaming this one on the Democrats for playing politics with the Iraqi funding bill.

We see through you Bush……remember you have no clothes.


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