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Don Imus And The Scab He Picked

Posted by nytexan on April 11, 2007


Which is how I would some up Don Imus? I have never been a fan of Imus. Being from NY, I was subjected to Imus in the 1970’s, and not much has changed about his behavior.

I’ve been thinking a lot about his racial remarks and agree that his suspension is justified. His statement that “he is a good person who said a stupid thing” is not an apology. Nor does it excuse his comments. But is the Imus suspension for the right reasons or is it being done for corporate public appeal. Imus didn’t wake up one morning and decide” today I am going to be an asshole”, he has always been an asshole. So you really have to wonder if CBS and the sponsors that are pulling their ads because of racism. They knew it was just a matter of time before Imus would really step in it.

I am not singling out Proctor & Gamble, but they sponsor Fox shows and we all know the credibility of Fox. We also know the level of racism and hate that Bill O’Reilly espouses. And yet sponsors don’t pull their ads. Is it the type of audience that Fox attracts who won’t be offended by Foxism, so sponsors turn a blind eye? I do believe that CBS and MSNBC are further up the food chain than Fox, so maybe that’s why Fox sponsors don’t pull their ads.

Corporations are interested in the bottom line and their stock holders. If those two groups don’t complain corporations keep the status quo. Imus picked a scab on a wound that has never healed. That open wound of racism in America has never gone away. We just put it on the shelf and hope nobody picks the wound so we don’t have to deal with it. Well my friends Imus did it, corporations are afraid of the bottom line because of it, and I don’t think we should shelve it again and act like there are no racist in this country.

I’m sure that there are many people out there who think suspending Imus or firing him is harsh. I’m not one of them. I believe that if we really see everyone as equal human beings, than there is no reason to espouse the racial dogmas of the past. Being politically correct in ones speech does not make you an evolved human. Practicing kindness and humanity on Sundays and them becoming your usual assholes the rest of the week does not make you an evolved human. Having a public forum to speak your mind at anyone cost does not make you an evolved human.

How many times have you whispered a racial slur to yourself or a trusted coworker? How many times have we seen or heard racial remarks and acts done in the name of religion. And then hear the same people say “I am not a racist, I have a black or Latino friend”. Please. You’re not evolved, you’re a politically correct racist, you asshole.

Will people really understand the full meaning behind the Imus event or will they pat the sponsors on the back and shelve the problem, until the next Imus comes along?grow-up.jpg


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