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Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

Posted by nytexan on April 11, 2007

prez.jpg    Bush doesn’t think so. The numbers of lies that Bush and his administration have told and continue to tell are astonishing.  Frankly it makes my head spin.

We all know the lies during the run up to the Iraq war, so I won’t go over them.   We all know is lies about the 911 and the Iraq connection, which he and Cheney still tell.   WMD’s, mushroom clouds, Saddam and bin Laden working together…..lie, lie, lie.  Bush has portrayed him self as a fighter pilot landing on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln….lie.  I think the only fighter plane Bush has every flown was at the local carnival. 

Bush stated that wire tapping was for tracking terrorist in this country, but it tracks all of us. Another lie.  Bush has stated many times that we are winning the war on terror….lie. Bush has made Iraq the perfect breeding ground for terrorist. Iraq did have terrorist groups prior to our invasion. 

After the November elections, Bush told us and Congress that he would work with them. That’s a lie. Bush is defiant and dismissive with Congress. Bush continues to lie today about the troop funding being cut off if Congress doesn’t do what he tells them in the funding bill.  Lie.  A recent Pentagon reports states that the troops have enough money until July. 

Bush has stated over and over again that he supports the troops. So how does he explain poorly equipped troops, the lack of armored vehicles, the lack of training for the troops, the continual extensions on their stay in Iraq, the short turn around when they get home from Iraq?  Bush is now trying to blame on the current Congress. The troop’s lack of rest has been going on long before the 110th Congress was sworn in. I would hate to see how Bush treated someone he didn’t support.

Does Bush suffer from chronic lying or does he truly believe the crap the he espouses on a daily basis?  He has compounded lie upon lie that he is truly incapable of recognizing the truth. He is neither trustworthy nor believable.  It is sad to say that America has a delusional, reckless and dangerous President.   Hopefully, the damage that Bush has done and continues to do will be viewed by the world as a “lone gunman” and not viewed as Americans as a whole.


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