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Kyle Sampson Must Have Gonzales Nervous

Posted by nytexan on March 23, 2007

With Kyle Sampson agreeing to go in front of the Senate Committee and testify under oath, you know that his old boss Alberto Gonzales has to be a bit nervous. You could accept the lie from Gonzales that “with over 1000 employees in the DOJ, I can’t know everything that goes on”. BS! Gonzales only needs to keep up with the 93 appointed U.S. attorneys. This proves what a poor manager he is.

Gonzales has less than an impressive career even before he got to Washington and while in Washington. In a Washington Post four part special report by Andrew Cohen “Rough Justice – The Case Against Alberto Gonzales” Cohen points out that “Gonzales’ failures aren’t just on substantive matters. He has continued to fail, some legal scholars say, to break free from the widespread and long-held perception that he is so beholden to the President, on both a personal and professional level, that he is cannot exercise the independent judgment necessary to properly fulfill his duties at the Justice Department”

John Dean, former White House counsel during the Watergate era, told me bluntly via email earlier this week that Gonzales “is an empty suit Attorney General. He is way over his head and it shows… He has been overwhelmed since the day he arrived in Washington in 2001.” (“Rough Justice – The Case Against Alberto Gonzales”)

Kyle Sampson seems to be the only one in this group of thieves and liars that’s doing the right thing. I’m sure Bush and Rove are wondering, how the heck did Sampson a job here? Now, I’m not saying that Sampson is not involved or guilty of whatever; he just knows when it’s time to step up to the plate and tell the truth.

I really find it hard to believe that Gonzales did know what was going on. When the 8 U.S. attorneys were fired, a Senate Committee asked Gonzales about the firings he assured them it wasn’t political. Obviously that was a lie.

Bush has a heck of a nerve offering Rove and Miers to talk to a select few from the committee, no transcript and not under oath. The whole problem with this corrupt administration is that they have bullied their way out of everything in the past. Prime example is Valerie Plame, no previous statements were given under oath nor are there any transcripts. The previous Congress went along. This new Congress has some bite in their bark and Bush doesn’t like it.

Bush has stated that he is disappointed with members of Congress calling for Gonzales to be fired. I really don’t give a rat’s ass that Bush is disappointed. He’s just pissed that they got caught. I’m disappointed that Bush won in 2004 and I’m sure he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about that. Bush stands at the podium posturing like he is going to give us a whipping if you don’t jump at his every command. A dictatorship he will not make us.

Gonzales is just another example of Bush’s fierce loyalty in giving or nominating completely incompetent people for government positions.


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