Taking Texas And The Nation Back

House Passes War Bill

Posted by nytexan on March 23, 2007

In a 218-212-vote, the House passes the 124.6 billion spending package would set tough benchmarks for the Iraqi government.  Republicans complained that there is pork-barrel spending in the bill which includes $6 billion for hurricane relief and millions in subsides for spinach and peanut farmers.  The Republicans fail to acknowledge that it will also give money for new armored vehicles.

I would have preferred no add-ons, but I really don’t have a problem with the ones in this bill. Hurricane victims of Katrina and Rita are still waiting for Federal help, so I would considered that an important relief. Spinach and peanut farmers have had recalls and drought which caused great losses. I don’t keep up with the agriculture market so I will take that at face value as needed relief.  In comparison to the Alaska bridge to nowhere that probably only benefited the builders these add-ons will hopefully help citizens that are in need. 

Bush will surely veto the bill. I’m sure he will say that setting a time line sends a bad message to the troops and the terrorist will know when we are leaving.  I believe that sending troops on up to 4 tours to Iraq with bad or no equipment sends a very poor message.  Not to mention their treatment when they get back. Regarding the terrorist they could care less about our time line.  They will continue to bomb and kill either way.  Bush will put the blame for the bill being vetoed on the Senate.  It would never dawn on Bush to send back a compromise bill. It’s his way or no way. November 2006 means nothing to him. At least Congress heard us.


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