Taking Texas And The Nation Back

Another Cornyn Failure

Posted by nytexan on February 23, 2007

John Cornyn, another Texan we can all be very proud of.  The GOP mantra of “support the troops” doesn’t seem to extend to the troops at home.  As stated in an article on the Texas Democratic Party (TDP) web page “John Cornyn dropped the ball and failed to help Texas secure adequate funding for the Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC) recommendations”. What a surprise.

He has managed to cut and under fund programs that the troops and veterans need or deserve. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America gave Cornyn a D- for his lack of support in the interests of their organization.  But he will stand in front of a microphone and say “we must support the troops”.  What a hypocrite.  Cornyn doesn’t understand the meaning of support unless it has a check attached to it. 

I hope the 2008 election is a surprise for him when he’s replaced.  His voting record in the Senate is poor at best.  Cornyn continually stand on the wrong side. He has supported Tom DeLay and has gone along with everything this administration has done. It really doesn’t surprise me that Cornyn has turned his back on the troops and veterans at home since Bush has done the same thing.





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