Taking Texas And The Nation Back

Bush And The GOP Reality Spin

Posted by nytexan on February 22, 2007

Bush and the GOP have once again put a spin on reality.  Bush stated that Blair pulling out of Iraq is a sign if progress.  A lie that I’m sure the right wing is fully supporting.  The announcement of a surge hasn’t stopped or slowed the bombings or the death toll of Americans or Iraqis.  So, I fail to see how things are improving.  Blair, as we all know, has been ousted by his own party and is trying to clean up his mess before he hands over the PM spot.  Bush, on the other hand, is making his mess worse for the next President. 

The GOP in Congress are not free from blame.  They continue to refuse to stop Bush, to question anything this President wants or does.  The GOP continues with their scare tactics by stating that “if we leave Iraq they will follow us home”.  What a bunch of bull.  The terrorist are already here, in the Bush administration.  The GOP is more worried about the 2008 election than what needs to be done today.  Americans standing up in the November 2006 elections against everything that is wrong with the administration and the 109th Congress seems to be forgotten by the GOP of the 110th Congress.  Lieberman included. 

With lie after lie how can they keep up? Rice said that “we don’t need the British troops”, while Bush says the increase in troops for the surge is necessary for “victory”.  So what does that mean? That the coalition troops have done their job well and they get to go home. No, it means that once again Bush and his gang can’t get their lies straight before they speak to the public.  I am convinced that this administration believes that we are all stupid and that we don’t have the ability to confirm what they say from one day to the next.  

If you read the newspapers from around the world, Basra is still in turmoil.  The British are fighting the Iraq police.  They freed two commandos by knocking down the jail with tanks and there are riots.  It’s unfortunate that the western press publishes watered down versions of what is really happening in Iraq.  This allows Bush and his gang to continue their lies instead of responding to the truth.  The American troops and their families  continue to be the victims of the Bush Administration fantasies.



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