Taking Texas And The Nation Back

Prince Harry In Iraq

Posted by nytexan on February 17, 2007

I find it interesting that Prince Harry will be deployed to Basra Iraq and the Royal family isn’t pulling any strings to stop him. How British. Now, I am not for this illegal war by any means, but I can bet you the farm that anyone in Washington would pull every string to get their kid off the plane to Iraq.

Yes, there are a few exceptions in Washington, but the more they scream to bring their kid’s home the more Bush sends. I’m not talking about them. The part of Congress who have no children in the war. That part of Congress that has no problem in sending everyone else’s relatives but their own. The part of Congress that says in all their speeches that they support the troops and forget them when they get home. The ones that throw lip service and money at problems because that fixes everything. Those guys.

So, why is it that Prince Harry will go but the beltway brats won’t? I think if we bring back the draft, which I am opposed to; Congress will end this crap war in a minute. While we’re on the subject of beltway brats, where are the Bush brats? Why aren’t they in Iraq? Plenty of women are there serving. Many past presidents’ children followed in their fathers steps and served their country. Oh, excuse me, they’re following in daddy’s footsteps, they’re AWOL.


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