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Ralph Nader In 2008

Posted by nytexan on February 16, 2007

He’s back. Ralph Nader is already thinking about screwing up the 2008 election. Nader said that if Hillary gets the Democratic nomination he will enter the race. You know, you really have to wonder how much money the RNC pays Nader. Who’s payroll is he really on?

Nader has managed, in the last two elections, to derail the democrats by pulling votes away. You have to wonder what democrat in their right mind would vote for him.

It’s funny how Nader never gets involved with Republican nominees. Is he really pulling democratic votes away or is the RNC getting their loyal fans to promote Nader to screw up the democrats. I don’t remember Nader speaking out when the Republicans were saying “a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush”.  Maybe that’s what Rove meant by “the math”.

I think if Nader gets into the 2008 election, the Democrats should not ignore him. He should be put under a magnifying glass. We should look into his money trail. Who are his biggest supporters, and this time, when the GOP encourages voting for him, put Nader on the spot as to why he acts like he expects their support.

We know he will never win the election, but he does need to be exposed for what he is and publically revealed for being a GOP puppet.


One Response to “Ralph Nader In 2008”

  1. Mike said

    It’s kind of interesting how democrats repeatedly bemoan Nader’s ruining the elction for Gore in ’00 and at the same time, claim that Gore rightfully won the ’00 election (which he did.) Which one is it?

    The fact is, Gore came out of administration that had a 68% approval rating after an impeachment. And he faced an opponent infinitely poorer in every respect than his ’96 predecessor who Clinton managed to trounce quite easily. All Gore had to do was…well, nothing. Instead he promoted an agneda not remarkably different from Bush’s and french-kissed his hideous wife (one of the more reveiled housewives in American politics,) to show that he wouldn’t receive oral sex from an intern if elected. Then, after the debacle of Florida, he could have just called for a state-wide recount along with an inquiry into the Jim Crow’ing of black voters in Florida. The former would have insured him the White House. The latter would have shown some degree of acknowledgment of black voters who came out in force for him. But no, he gave Bush the White House and people are still blaming Ralph Nader?

    Nor is Ralph Nader a vanity or “fringe” candidate. Look at the numbers; a combined 46% of eligible voters voted for Kerry or Bush in ’04. A combined 54% voted for a third part candidate or no one. If that isn’t a stamp of disaproval on our two party state masquerading as a two party state, I don’t know what is.

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