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Can Anyone Really Be President????

Posted by nytexan on February 13, 2007

Are we really as all inclusive as we say we are? While trying to get the cobwebs out of my head this morning, I was listening to the news, and there was an article on Mitt Romney. What caught my attention was “can a Mormon every be president?” Have we not grown?

How many times are we going to hear this about religion and the ability for someone to be president? Right now we have a born again Christian in office and look at the mess we are in. Look what his Christian values have done for us. When Bush was running did anyone ask can a born again Christian be president? I don’t believe so. He already passed the litmus test of being a white Christian male, so being born again was not important. Bush and his religion were never that important to the campaign. Yet it seems to be important if you don’t to fit the traditional presidential role.

No I am not supporting Romney or any GOP candidate I just find is amazing that we are going there again. Amazing that we have not learned our lessons of politics and religion. We did it with JFK, “will his catholic beliefs run the office”. I don’t think the Vatican was in the the oval office. Amazing that we now have a president whose religious compass has made us so polarized.

All of us have heard this statement “in this country you can do anything, you can even be president”. So far that statement has not been true for many. How many ethnic groups and women does this statement ring true for? It does however; ring true for white Christian males. Maybe it will change with Obama, Hillary and yes even Romney.

Let’s look at some statements about the non traditional candidates. Obama, has said that he doesn’t believe that voters look at religion, but he does make it a point to say that he is a member of the United Church of Christ. Why was that important for him to say? Obviously he does believe that voters still look at a candidate’s religion. Other statements being said about Obama, he’s not black enough, he’s to white, and he’s a smoker. Smoking! Give me a break. I heard someone say “if he wants to be a good role model he should quit smoking”. Bush doesn’t smoke and look what a good role model he is.

Hillary, she’s to cold, she’s divisive. I’ve hear “it’s time for a woman president, but not Hillary”. If not Hillary then who? Even though she’s a Christian that won’t work for her. The bottom line is she’s a woman.

With the huge field of diverse candidates on both sides, I think it’s time that we stop the BS about a candidate’s religion, ethnic background and gender. We need to move forward as a whole country. Not a particular group pulling the rest of us kicking and screaming. That’s what we’ve been doing the last 6 years and look where it’s gotten us. Maybe then everyone really can be president when they grow up.



7 Responses to “Can Anyone Really Be President????”

  1. madmouser said

    I don’t see these issues going away anytime soon. They are too easy to attack.

  2. nytexan said

    I am sorry to say that I agree with you.

  3. Well said…but c’mon…the media is always going to play these things up…they think it’s what people want to hear…and until people prove them otherwise…this is the stuff we get.

  4. Angie said

    I seriously agree with you. We could put an animal in office, and probably would be more successful then our current president.

  5. Jeff said

    Angie, let’s see you do better. I voted for Bush, but I’m no Bush fan, especially not now, but at the same time, look at the past like 10 presidents. Don’t tell me JFK was a shining example. He was a Kennedy, and therefore a crook. …Reagan was about the only president we’ve had in the last 10 that might have been wise.

    You know why this is: because we pull the candidates from the weed patch (congress, senate, state & local govt). We need a candidate who hasn’t sold out to lobbyists and agendas. We need a Jack Bauer and the guy AIN’T OUT THERE.

    So stop making assanine statements like an animal would do better in the office–what you’re looking for is somebody who meeds every one of your needs and it ain’t going to EVER happen. I’ll bet you were as happy as could be when Clinton was in office weren’t you–and he created half the mess that Bush is making worse.

  6. Love reading your blog. Great info!

  7. nytexan said

    Thank you for the comment and for visiting. I try to keep the blog as informative as possible.

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