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Why Is Texas Red????

Posted by nytexan on February 11, 2007

Today, I spent time cruising around the Texas blogosphere and, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why we ended up a red state. I’ve spent so much time reading blogs from the Texas left, that it made my head spin. From places like the Panhandle, East and West Texas, where the right wing likes to tout themselves as “Bush country”, we actually have a voice. Granted, the right wing spends far more money on candidates and lobbying than we do. But, does that make us truly red? No, I don’t think so. Why do the “Reds” have more expendable income than the “Blues” have? We may not have extra funds to hire ‘spin doctors’ or buy fancy advertisements, but, if we all holler together at the same time, we will be heard! Just like you holler at your children’s ball games.

So, I ask you, what the heck is going on with so many Texas democrats , and why the hell do we keep sending republican senators to Washington? What’s up with that? How many times are we Texans going to send Kay Bailey Hutchinson back to Washington? Do we plan on sending John Cornyn back in 2008, too? God I hope not!

Where was the Texas Democratic party in the 2006 election? We had a very viable candidate, Barbara Ann Radnofsky, running against Hutchinson and too little was done to help her. I am ashamed to admit that I have friends that worked and held positions in the TDP who seemed, to me, to be more interested in photo ops and speculate who was going to take over the TDP after them. Hopefully, this new crew will actually stay focused and do something for the Texas Democratic party on both the state and national level.

Is it that we are so diverse in our causes that we could not, as Texas Democrats, get behind any one issue as a united group? I call that fractured. Well, I think 2008 is the opportunity for all of us to rise up and get something done to change the political landscape of Texas. We need to seriously look at who will run against Cornyn in 2008 and get behind him or her right away. The Texas Democratic Party, and it’s bloggers, needs to take a more active role in promoting democratic candidates for the State and US Senate. Now, I do know that some Texas blogs promoted Barbara Ann Radnofsky, but it wasn’t loud enough. So, my challenge to all Texas bloogers is get to “git ‘er done” this time. (Thank you ‘Cable Guy).



2 Responses to “Why Is Texas Red????”

  1. Did you see my blog in the Texas blogosphere?


  2. nytexan said

    No I didn’t see it

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