Taking Texas And The Nation Back

Merck Pharmaceutical Loves Texas

Posted by nytexan on February 5, 2007

Merck Pharmaceutical and their shareholders have it the mother load in Texas. Gov. Perry issued an executive order last Friday afternoon calling for the vaccine against human papillomavirus (HVP), which causes cervical cancer. The mandatory order requires schoolgirls entering the sixth grade get vaccinated against the sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer. This makes Texas the first state with such a requirement. This action bypassed the Texas legislature. Perry’s order would become effective in September 2008.

Now why is Merck happy? Merck Pharmaceuticals, the company that makes the vaccine, has been lobbying lawmakers around the country to require the vaccine. However, other state legislatures voted it down. So after spending $5 million lobbying Texas, Merck had to have been thrilled with Gov. Deep Pockets Perry. It is estimated that Merck will make over $60 million per school year from the vaccine in Texas alone.

Today Texas Legislatures are asking Perry to rescind the order but Perry won’t budge. Sound familiar. Perry and Bush do whatever they want no matter how many people are against it.

I could go through the risks of the vaccine but this is about the continuing pocket lining of Rick Perry. Why should the governor from Texas be of any interest to the rest of the country you ask? Well there has been talk around Texas and very busy talk in Austin, Texas about Perry being considered for the GOP Vice President spot. Now that should scare all of you. Or as we say in Texas ya’ll. Perry has been asked several times about the GOP consideration and he gives vague responses. However, he visits DC often and is always welcome. He was the Lt. Governor when Bush was the governor and then took over as governor when Bush stole the 2000 election. He is very close to the Bush clan and the money machine.



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