Taking Texas And The Nation Back

$2.9 Tillion Budget

Posted by nytexan on February 5, 2007

Good god…that makes my head spin. The new Bush budget calls for a huge increase in military spending, which would include Iraq and Afghanistan, and a much more modest increases in most domestic spending. Of course this does not include more than $93 billion in supplemental money in this fiscal year and about $145 billion in the next fiscal year for Iraq and Afghanistan.

Where has the money already gone………….

US Taxpayers: $505 billion, including $70 billion for fiscal year 2007;

Lost and unaccounted money in Iraq:

$9 billion of US taxpayers’ money

$549.7 million in spare parts shipped to US contractors in 2004

$1.4 billion in Halliburton overcharges which the Pentagon has classified as unreasonable and unsupported.

Now Bush wants to add more money to the already daily cost $195 million in Iraq. I haven’t a clue what we’re spending daily in Afghanistan. The days of the rubberstamp 109th Congress are gone and hopefully the 110th Congress will stand up and push back.

The amount of money in the Bush budget for domestic spending is appalling. Bush is asking for cutbacks of around $70 billion for Medicare and Medicaid over the next 5 years. We already have a huge portion of the country without health care insurance, so now let make it even more difficult for the poor and the elderly to have proper health care. Somehow this will balance the budget by 2012.

Bush says that “the economy is strong and growing” You know I live in the middle class and I don’t see the economy in this light. I’ve seen my neighbors houses foreclosed, friends being laid off, others working two jobs. So I don’t get this point or maybe I just don’t understand Bush math. But I guess if you believe the economy is strong then you can justify cutting domestic spending or being very cheap with it.

I truly hope that if this budget is approved that Congress will actually do oversight and see where every penny is going.



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