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2008 GOP V.P. Rick Perry???

Posted by nytexan on February 5, 2007

I know the 2008 elections are some time away but while we are focusing on the Presidential candidates lets take a look at one possible GOP Vice Presidential candidate. Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Who is Rick Perry?
Perry started his political career as a democrat but in 1989, he announced that he was joining the Republican Party. He was Lt. Governor until 2000, when he took over as Governor after Bush stole the election. In 2002 he was elected Governor and was reelected in 2006. Perry has close ties to the Bush clan.

Social Issues:
Perry, a conservative Christian who opposes abortion and stem-cell research using embryonic cells, counts on the religious right for his political base. In 2005, Perry, signed a bill limiting late term abortions and requiring girls under the age of 18 to have parental permission for an abortion. He signed the bill at a Fort Worth, evangelical Christian school. He came under fire from abortion advocates and supporters of church-state separation. Perry is also known for his socially conservative views on homosexuality; Perry condemned the United States Supreme Court decision in Lawrence vs. Texas striking down sodomy laws and called Texas’s last such law “appropriate.”

Trans-Texas Corridor:
Perry has been the lead proponent of the Trans-Texas Corridor, a US$ 7+ billion-dollar highway project, to financed, built and operated by private contractors, notably Cintra, a Spanish owned company, and its minority partner, one of Texas’ largest road construction companies, San Antonio-based Zachry Construction Company. The controversial aspects of the project include tolls, private operation of toll collections, extensive use of eminent domain to acquire property. Perry has come under fire for opposing the public release of the actual terms of the 50-year deal with Cintra to the public. Perry’s former liaison to the legislature, former State Senator Dan Shelly, returned to his consulting/lobbying work with Cintra after securing the TTC deal while on the state payroll. In the 2006, gubernatorial election, all of Perry’s opponents opposes the corridor project. Both the Democratic and Republicans party platforms also oppose the current corridor legislation.

Environmental issues:
Texas-based TXU (formerly TU Electric is an energy company headquartered in Dallas, Texas) is planning a $10 billion investment in eleven new coal-fired power plants over the next several years. In 2006, Perry fast-tracked the permitting process and limited the time frame for public comment on this proposal. The new coal fire power plant has been opposed by mayors of both parties through out Texas. Perry has taken more than $324,000 in contributions from coal companies over the past six years.

Views on non-Christians:
Perry has said that he believes in the inerrancy (exemption from error) of the Bible and those who reject Jesus Christ as their Savior will go to hell. Enough said on that topic.





4 Responses to “2008 GOP V.P. Rick Perry???”

  1. Jeff said

    I vote Republican but I will probably move to communist China if Rick Perry gets anywhere near the White House. Keep him in the country of Texas where he can’t hurt me.

    C’mon–a law that requires 6th grade girls to get the HPV vaccine? If you think the vaccine is a good thing, fine, good for you. BUT A LAW requiring it? Don’t sleep around and you have nothing to worry about it. You don’t make a law of it–Republicans are supposed to stand for smaller government — keeping the crooked (because every politician is, Rep or Dem) govt. OUT of your everyday life.

    This guy should be fired–he’s just as bad as an activist judge. Your opinion doesn’t give you the right to make it law for everybody else. Just because you see it one way doesn’t give you the right to make everybody else CONFORM to YOUR system.

    By the way, I googled Rick Perry’s name and found out this wasn’t the first time he’s come under fire (OR had his proposals/legislation blocked by a higher authority)–the guy is a bull in a china shop that doesn’t think things through.

    What he was proposing was worse than socialism ever did – I didn’t see the Russians forcing people to get a flu vaccine. I have an 8 week old daughter and that’s it – so this doesn’t affect us directly, but I would defend and fight ruthlessly if anybody ever tried to force my daughter to get this vaccine. You would have to kill me first before I made her do it.


  2. nytexan said

    Texans are just as angry as you are about Perry’s executive order on the vaccine. Fortunately, the Texas Senate is trying to repeal the order. The outrage has caused Merck to stop their lobbying campaign across the nation. So maybe something good has come out Perry’s behavior.

    Your right this isn’t the first time Perry has come under fire. Currently there’s an investigation going on regarding campaign contributions from Merck to Perry.

    Perry and Bush have the same self serving agenda. Unfortunately, it doesn’t concern or involved the citizens they represent. Stay tune there’s more Perry corruption being exposed that I hope will not go unnoticed by the mainstream media and keep him out of Washington.

  3. Derek said

    The HPV vaccine SAVES LIVES. Period.

    If nearly FIFTY PERCENT of all women contract HPV – which leads to CANCER, which leads to DEATH – in their lifetime, are nearly 50% of all women “sleeping around” like you so eloquently put it?? I doubt it.

    I wish the best for you and your young daughter, but what happens if she gets HPV from a GUY that is sleeping around and spreads it to her? Who’s to blame there??? According to your words, your daughter is at fault! Talk about blaming the victim. . . Your rhetoric takes sexism to a whole other level.

    Ideally, this vaccine shouldn’t be mandated and forced upon anyone, and ideally, more research should be done first. Also, it would be ideal if Hairdoo Perry wasn’t so buddy-buddy with Merck that you’d think there were ulterior motives at stake.

    But since MOST American parents avoid any discussion about sex with their young children (ESPECIALLY their daughters) before it’s too late in most cases, you can’t rely on parents to want to take that step and get their daughters vaccinated. And since men carry NO SIGNS OF HPV (and don’t get cervical cancer), you can have your “precious, innocent, virginal daughter” contract an STD/STI that would KILL her after just one sexual partner – even if she waits until marraige!

    Since we’re so damn prude in this country (we’d rather have our kids see 100 mangled corpses on tv rather than 1 pair of bare breasts), Perry (who I normally disagree with), has done something bold, surprising, controversial, and unpopular in order to SAVE WOMEN’S LIVES! Nearly 4000 American women die every year of Cervical Cancer – which almost ALWAYS is caused by HPV.

    If we can stop HPV through a controversial bill here in Texas, then by dammit, we should do it. Remember, what is right is not always popular – and what is popular is not always right.

    The HPV vaccine SAVES LIVES. Maybe it’s not ideal, but we don’t live in an ideal world. . .

  4. nytexan said

    I agree that HPV saves lives; at least that’s what the scientist believe so far. I applaud you on making the statement that American parents should have conversations with their kids about what’s important in their lives. Yes Americans are prudes on many social issues and we would rather stick our head in the sand. This makes things worse for everyone. However, I do have a problem with Perry’s executive order and going around the legislature. Perry’s way of going about things is just a bit imperialistic for my taste.

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