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Bush Wrong On Global Warming

Posted by nytexan on February 2, 2007

Should it really surprise any of us that Bush is wrong again? The anti-science president. Or is he? He managed to be suspicious enough about global warming that he appointed an ex-oil lobbyist to monitor scientist and edit their work. American scientists were made to look like fools because of this president’s own agenda. Has he no shame. No.

For the bulk of his administration he has said that global warming needs to be looked into and that all the science was not in. Well now it is in and again Bush is wrong. I’m sure that Bush will find a way to denounce the worldwide global warming report. He is the decider after all. If he said the ice caps aren’t melting, then their not. If he said the polar bears and penguins are not endangered, well then their not. Are you kidding me?

This guy needs to be taken to the world court for leading the way in destroying our planet. He refused to participate in the Kyoto Treaty. He as completely ignored environmental issues. According to the National Resource Defense Council (NDRC) the Bush record is less than stellar on the environment;

Bush probably laughed at Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. Al Gore nominated for an Academy award, probably will be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Bush will be nominated for being the most ignorant president this country has ever had the pleasure of producing.



2 Responses to “Bush Wrong On Global Warming”

  1. have you read the report? read it and make your own conclusions and why would this be all there needs to say? there are both sides to global warming….bush never denied global warming just that he is skeptical about what is causing it…kyoto is a joke read it and the senate voted 95-0 against ratifing it, not bush…and it was in 97 under clinton…stop mouthing what you hear on the news and what read in you liberal paper do some research and make you own conclusions and for bush being anti science take the link to the dept of energy and look into the future gen project feb 2003 the first carbon free coal fueled power plant pushed by mr anti no shame himself G ps if he is so ignorant how did he steal the election and why to you libs always have to use derogetory comments? it shows YOUR IGNORANCE

  2. bush’s proposals reduce emissons 4x more than kyoto, kyoto is only an attempt by the un to get more money out of the us we now support to the tune of almost 5 billion dollars 25 % of their budget..bush wants un reform, they said no so no kyoto get it? plus it only calls for a 7% reduction over 15 years read it then make an educated judgement geesh

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