Taking Texas And The Nation Back

A Very Dangerous President.

Posted by nytexan on January 19, 2007

It continues to amaze and baffle me how Bush just moves along as if the American public is right in step with him. His brilliant idea to send more troops to Iraq sent a cold chill down the public spine and yet King George still moves forward with his plan of “to little to later”.

On November 7, 2006, Americans voted with a very strong voice against the war and the republicans. However, Bush seems to be oblivious to what we have to say. What a shock. It seems that publics voice at election time seem to fall on very deaf ears in his administration. But I suppose the public voice has never mattered to George since ignoring the popular vote got him the Presidency. So we shouldn’t be too shocked that he will do what he pleases in Iraq especially if it doesn’t please us.

Bush said that he would work with the new Congress, but we all know that’s another Bush lie. He plans to escalate the troop level even without Congress. He probably sits in his office and laughs at Congress saying “they can say what they want, vote on what they want, but I am sending more troops”. After all, I am the decider.

Some Republicans are finally speaking out against Bush, but it’s a far cry from what’s needed to get the attention, if at all possible, of this President. Hopefully more Republicans will fall in step with Chuck Hagel and other enlightened Republicans and face the fact that they were wrong in the past and that they are following a very dangerous President down a very dangerous path.

Bush’s arrogance and lack of Middle East knowledge, or knowledge in general, has caused more problems to the stability of the Middle East than the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Can he really believe that he is doing a good job? That he is on the right track towards peace? That he is spreading democracy? You remember democracy, the thing George keeps trying to take away from us as he spreads it everywhere else.

To put the safety of our troops and the success if Iraq in the hands of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is just another one of Bush’s miscalculated and misguided decisions. Maliki is not going to bite the hand of Sayyed Muqtada al-Sadr who gave him the votes to get his seat. Maliki, like Bush, is a puppet of dangerous faction. Maliki has his own agenda and it doesn’t include Bush. Religious zealots are a very dangerous group as we have seen in the U.S. with the religious right/neo-conservatives. So who in their right mind would believe that Maliki and al-Sadr are going to do the right think for peace and progress? Only George would, another zealot.


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